About Us

An independent and trusted advisor

Shorex Capital is a provider of global economic citizenship programmes and residency solutions for wealthy individual and their families. In the UK, Shorex Capital provides family office solutions and investor’s visa.

Shorex Capital works closely with an international network of trusted advisers and government agencies (incl. lawyers, accountants, tax planners, asset managers, wealth management specialists) who we constantly monitor. It means that you have access to a secure and reliable premium service while benefiting from our global reach across multiple carefully selected jurisdictions.

Shorex Capital is independent and not affiliated to any banks, law firms, or financial institutions.

The Shorex Capital brand stands for trust and partnership with our clients. We only provide services that live up to our principles.

We are committed to

  • Integrity
  • Client’s best interest
  • The highest standards
  • Long term relationship with our clients
  • Premium service
  • Common sense
  • Privacy and confidentiality

We always aim at adhering to these principle and strive to deserve the trust of our clients