How to Choose a Second Citizenship That is Right for You and Your Family?

An excellent event on citizenship and real estate investment took place last October: The Cannes International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo. All the main citizenship and residency programs were represented and I was invited to deliver a presentation on how to choose a second citizenship that is right for an investor and their family. The aim of this talk was to step back from individual country programs and look at what really counts in making such an important decision. The talk covers the following:

  • The size of the citizenship market, which I estimated at $5 billion, and the breakdown by countries
  • The total number of passports delivered under various citizenship programs, which I estimated at 7000, and the breakdown by region
  • Who is looking for a second citizenship? HNWIs from Russia, China, the Middle East, India and other countries
  • Why a second citizenship? Mobility, security, better future for the family, other considerations
  • The attitude of the press towards citizenship by investment and why it is important to look beyond the stereotypes
  • How and when to make a decision to acquire a second citizenship
  • The cautionary tale of Brexit and what we can learn from it
  • What country? What investment? What time frame?
  • The special case of a European passport
  • Why a European passport has very specific advantages
  • The opportunities offered to children in terms of education and employment
  • Citizenship when planning retirement
  • Tax planning considerations.

When we help our clients choose the right citizenship by investment program, it is vital to remember that they are is not buying a product or service, they are becoming a citizen of a new country. It is a decision that will impact their lives and their families for generations to come. Therefore, it is a process that has to be handled with extreme care and understanding of our clients’ values and long term objectives.

I will be speaking on the same topic at a leading immigration and property investment event in Shanghai on 16th-18th March:  Wise·15th Shanghai Overseas Property Immigration Exhibition. We will keep you updated on facebook and twitter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question:
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