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3 months


160 countries

Donation to Government Fund



Minimum Real Estate Investment


Dominica is a beautiful and mountainous Caribbean island nation with tropical rainforests and natural hot springs. Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” for its natural environment.

Dominica’s citizenship programme was first launched in 1993, making it one of the longest established citizenship programmes.

Why become a citizen of Dominica?

Extensive visa free travel

Dominica can travel to more than 160 countries visa-free including the UK, all Europe’s Schengen zone, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia.

Family can be included

Spouse. Dependent children under 30 years, and dependent parents or grandparents can be included in the application. Siblings of the main applicant or of the spouse aged 18-25.

No minimum stay required

Unlike some other programs, no minimum stay is required, giving the applicant full flexibility in uncertain times.

Great place for a second home

With its choice of real estate and natural beauty, it is a great location for owning a second home, with regular flights to Europe and North America. Dominica has amazing sceneries, diving scene, tropical tours, island culture and luxury resorts.

Right to live and work

Citizens have the right, but not the obligation, to
live and work in Dominica

Tax friendly

No tax on worldwide income for residents

Quick turn around

Citizenship is typically obtained in 3 months

Long established

Established in 1993, this is one of the oldest citizenship by investment programs.

How to obtain citizenship?

You can obtain citizenship via the government investment program that welcomes new citizens who are ready to contribute to the economy. The investment requirements are as follows:

Make a donation of €100,00

The main applicant must contribute €100,000 in the form of a donation to the Government’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

Contribution is also required for additional members of the family on the application – Spouse: €50,000, Children: €50,000 each, Other family members other than the spouse or a child: US$25,000 each.

Alternatively, the family contribution package is US$175,000, including the main applicant, spouse, and two other dependants other than a dependent sibling


Make an investment in real estate of €200,00

Applicants make an minimum investment in pre-approved real estate. Pre-approved real estate must be held for at least 3 years, which increases to 5 years if the purchaser is also an applicant for citizenship by investment. Most real estate options available are shares in high-end tourist accommodation.

Government fees:

  • Single applicant: €25,000
  • Main applicant and up to three dependants other than a dependent sibling US$35,000
  • Main applicant and up to five dependants other than a dependent sibling US$50,000
  • Other fee packages apply to larger families

How long does it take?

Citizenship is obtained within 3 months

Who can apply?

Citizen from any country can apply to become a citizen of Dominica, as long as they:

  • have no criminal record
  • can justify the origin of the funds for investment
  • hold a valid passport or travel document
  • follow the investment requirements mentioned above

Additional interesting facts about Dominica


Since 1978, Dominica is an independent country

Official language

The official language is English


The island has no less than nine volcanos

Not the Dominican Republic!

Dominica and the Dominican Republic are two Caribbean countries that many people often confused or assume are one or the same. There are two different countries. Incidentally, Dominica has an citizenship by investment programme, while the Dominican Republic does not have one.


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